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Antique barn siding can lend its character to any residential, commercial or retail space. After a lifetime of withstanding the elements reclaimed barn wood possesses an aged beauty and patina that is impossible to replicate. With minimal upkeep, we offer a variety of widths and lengths as well as custom milling options. 

Most barns were painted years ago. Typically they were painted red, grey or white. So naturally most barn siding will have remnants of paint on the planks. Usually the paint has weathered tremendously, thus leaving only 5-30% paint levels on each board. If your application requires a “brown board”, the interior of these planks are used to achieve a warm rustic patina. Customers often mix the brown board with the Silver /Gray siding to give more color variation.  

Antique Pine/Hemlock
Skip Planed 

3"-12" - $8.50/Sqft
Antique Pine/Hemlock
Brown Board 
3"-12" - $9.00/Sqft
Antique Pine/Hemlock
Skip Planed Grey Board 
3"-12" - $10.50/Sqft
Antique Pine/Hemlock
Rustic Grey Board
Antique Pine/Hemlock
Select Silver Siding
Antique Pine/Hemlock/Oak
Grey & Brown Board Mix
3"-12" - $10.50/Sqft
3"-12" - $12.50/Sqft
3"-12" - $9.75/Sqft
Antique Pine/Hemlock
Heavy Distressed Brown Siding
Antique Pine/Hemlock
Brown Board w/ Saw Kerfs
3"-12" - $13.00/Sqft
3"-12" - $9.50/Sqft
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